Monday, August 10, 2009

. . . i thought this could be appropriate.

Rosie the Riveter.

Appropriate for everything.

Even announcing that I'm pregnant.
(only to those who do NOT know how to play MadGab, you know who you are! ;)

Especially when your husband is away with the army.

23 days.

Then I'll be back to regular Beckii who doesn't even know how to rivet anything.



Caroline said...

You're so funny. I am lucky I know how to play Mad Gab.

All About Amber... Alliteration. HaHa said...

Love it!

Becca said...

congratulations.. i miss you being around you know.. can't believe how time flies.. your baby is a doll! good luck with your count down.. exciting to have him back i am sure!!

Jared&Jasmine said...

Yay for us!! Good to talk to you today! :)

Jared&Jasmine said...

Oh, and I LOVE ROSIE!!! Nice touch!