Monday, August 24, 2009

" . . . so, he's pretty social, huh?"

at church on Sunday Braxton and I were sitting next to another baby sitting on the floor playing with toys. He wanted down so bad he couldn't stand it. I'm not usually excited about letting him down because he knows how to get away now and I end up chasing him through the entire meeting. Needless to say, it's not fun.

I finally let him down after about ten minutes of wrestling. He crawled right for another lady's purse and started pulling things out of it. She turned and smiled; whispered 'it's okay,' and started putting things back in.

Before I knew it he was at the back of someone else's chair pulling on her blouse. Last week he was reaching for a little little girl in the row behind us and spit up all over her. I about died. Boy, he's a monster.

The woman with the quiet, good little guy playing with his toys on the floor turned to me and asked "is he pretty social?"

"Yup," was all I could say.

Him and I spent the rest of the meeting wrestling. Like I said, not fun.

He really doen't have a bubble. (I have no idea where that comes from :) He's always reaching for the person in front of us in the grocery line. On the plane home from Oklahoma he shared ice cream with the very nice stranger siting next to us. Then he tried to share a very soggy teddy graham with him. He was very gracious to take it even though it was gross. I wouldn't have.

He really loves being outside. Obviously, he's a little on the little side for that, so I put the baby gate in front of the door so he can look out. That seems to satisfy him; for now anyway.

He stands there most of the day. He likes to talk to people as they walk by. It's really funny!

Its a big big world out there and you definitely start thinking about what you're putting on the internet with kids names and faces. Scary. As he becomes more of a public icon, we've decided it's probably best for us to go private with our blog. That, and because Eric's been asking me to for weeks now. Oops.

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Eric, Beckii & Braxton


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Def add us.

Can't believe how fast our little ones are growing up!

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What a silly boy. Boys will be boys. I should know...

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He is really growing up
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I can just see his wheels turning in case he ever makes it past the gate,,,which direction to go first!

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Please add me I love to read your blog it's funny how fast time fly's It was just yesterday we were in YM

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