Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coming to you from AIT in Ft. Sill Oklahoma

Hello everyone! I am in AIT now so i have a computer and it is a little easier to keep in touch with everyone. I thought i would put some pictures on here from when my family came to visit me at the end of Basic Training. Enjoy! Here is a picture of my bunks!!! No not really these were some bunks at an old musuem i just thought that would be funny. Mine were like normal bunk beds. Anyway here i am swimming with Braxton at the hotel. It was a blast!

Well i love you all and miss you all. Can't wait to get home. Only 32 more days!


James said...

Give us a call and we will come pick you up if you have some free time and want to go do something or if you want to go to our ward. We plan to baptize Rachael on 16 AUG so hopefully you will be able to make it then. Beckii and Braxton are welcome to stay at our house when they come out to visit you. Love, James

janet said...

Hey hey,
don't you look spiffy!

Anonymous said...

Hello Beckii and Eric,

I work with your mom Kathy so that's how I got your blog address. :) Beckii may remember talking with me a couple times at Journeys.

Anyway, we'll be doing the whole basic training and AIT thing soon as my husband, Mark, just enlisted in the active army MOS 35f, military intelligence. He goes to Fort Jackson on Sept. 21st. I appreciate your posts and see that we can do it too. Hope all is well with your family. :) Take care!

P.S.~ my blog address is

Bradbury Family said...

Way to go Eric!! You look awesome and your family is adorable!! I can't believe how fast Braxton is growing...where's the pause button on these kiddos!! Hope you're all doing well!!!