Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Can you show me those pretty teeth you have?" I said to Braxton, trying to get a good picture to post.

"They're not pretty, mom, they're fierce. See . . . " I could have sworn I heard him reply.

"I could probably eat that whole camera in one bite. You know, like how I can get almost your whole cell phone into my mouth."



janet said...

my, what pretty teeth you have! The girl cousins are all proud about loosing theirs and you are just as proud about finally getting some! Love yeah.

All About Amber... Alliteration. HaHa said...

He's getting so big! we need to get together again. Pizza and movies at your house so we can hang out with Braxton!

Caroline said...

Hey there! We have not seen a post for you in month. How are things. Are you hanging in there? Hope you are well. Love, us!