Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aaaahhh, MadGab . . . my all-time favorite game. I've got one for those of you who haven't already seen it (or don't already know) . . . Good Luck! (Don't know the rules? Click here)

Wore Half
Ink Can Off
Herb Abe Bee

Yes, yes. It's true. Also the reason I haven't posted in over a month (Thanks for the reality check, Caroline! I really didn't know it had been that long). I knew I wouldn't be able to post without opening my big mouth. Around 10 weeks (I think . . .), is the answer to your next question - without giving too much away.


janet said...

I love that game also! Ours came up missing after a camping trip.YOU DID A GREAT JOB WITH THAT CLUE!!! congrats.

Anonymous said...

i think i know what it says, but i'm not sure if i'm suppose to put my answer on here or not?!

Caroline said...

Yea! I love how you announced your special news. So you are around 10 weeks and I am around 20 +. Now I understand why it has been so long since your last post.

Caroline said...

How are you feeling?