Thursday, May 14, 2009

Uncomfortable Underwear . . .

apparently it's a missionary tool!!

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, worthy to serve in the Temple of God and be blessed by it's protection and power, we are also privileged to wear a special garment under our everyday clothing known as the Temple Garment. It serves as a protection from the temptations of evil. Please click here (and then on additional information under the video it will direct you to) and read more.

That being said . . .

Apparently army boys get to look at each other in their underwear all the time; not by choice, Eric would have me add.

The underwear issued by the army MUST be worn by all soldiers. Except those who wear a temple garment. Army underwear is VERY uncomfortable.

So Eric has the opportunity of having many, many curious soldiers ask him where they can get some. "It's awesome," he tells them, "let me tell you how you can get some!" It's like an open door for talking to people about the gospel. Especially since our church has the longest church service available on Sundays - it's not as hard as you would think to get someone to go with you! Everyone suddenly wishes they were LDS.

"Before I even got close to shipping out I had prayed that with the power of faith and reading the scriptures my loving Heavenly Father would bless me with his comfort and peace. And I can already feel his love surrounding me as I have departed ways and am [here at] basic training. I also have really enjoyed reading my scriptures and I know if I do that as often as possible that I will be blessed so much."

He also says he's so grateful not only for the opportunity it's been to be there and learn so much already, but also for a wonderful chance at a small missionary experience.

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Gallup Family said...

This was his mission call :)