Tuesday, April 6, 2010

some things never change

playing soccer in the snow on the first game of spring season.
fans honking from the car when we score because its too cold to get out.(thanks mom:)
the thrill.
but some things do change; like:
being so nervous you get ready at 3:30 (the game's not till 6:30)
not being able to run like you did in the pre-child years.
ankles popping.
wondering if Braxton's hungry, instead of where the ball is.
waking up the next morning with achy hips.
Ahhh . . . the good ol days.
It's funny though.
I wouldnt go back.
(oh, and in case anyone wants to play . . . we're putting together a co-ed outdoor team. call or email me if you're intersested)


janet said...

I'm interested!!! in cheering from the car! I could probally even do treats now and again...but as for running and popping and creaking bones...i just have to walk up my stairs.

Gallup Family said...

Sarah's first soccer game was cancelled due to snow and wind. I guess things are different when you're only 8 years old.

Elizabeth said...

:) at leest i got out.... most of the time! cya ps that was an awesome game!

Kelsey Peterson said...

haha doesn't sound like too fun of a game. I love that you said that you wondered if Braxton was hungry....I'm like that all the time I am away from Jaeger.
Thanks for the recommendation on the book!

Destinee said...

Fun post. Your header looks good. Love the pics!

Someday, I would love for this body to play some soccer again! (Even if it is with my 3 yr. old!)