Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i guess its official.

I've been a mom for about a year and a half now. And really, I like to count about nine months before that, too, since being pregnant counts. Totally.

It's not that it hasn't sunk in yet. I mean, I'm a mom. I know that. It's just . . .

well. I should start from the begining.

At 2:00 yesterday, my mother in law offers to watch my kiddos while I pick up some groceries. So, I take her up on it. An hour later I'm standing in line at the grocery store. Minding my own business. Because thats what I do. If you like that sparkling grocery store conversation - do not get in my line. It makes me uncomfortable. And I'm not shy. So I don't know why . . .

It must be my lucky day because Sparkling Conversation guy, aka - Justin, by his 'Child and Family Resource' name tag, is in front of me buying about three hundred and nine billion bags of Peanut M & M's and chatting up a storm to 'checkout lady' aka Linda.

Justin: needs the bags to be separated onto receipts that are $25 or less for reimbursment purposes.
Linda: is going on vacation in 2 hours and 55 minutes.
Justin: wants to know where.
Linda: no where special. Staying home for a few days. Then getting her car washed. Then going to Draper, Utah for 2 days to visit grandkids.
Justin: has family in Draper.
Linda: thinks its a nice place. then realizes this receipt is over $25 and has to take some bags off.
Justin: decides to turn and talk to me while she's doing so.

Justin: I'm sorry this is taking so long, you probably have kids waiting for you.

and thats where the story ends. Because I can't remember anything else that was said except for that.

So, that's what's official.

You can tell I'm a mom. Just by looking at me.

What is it? Is it my jeans? Someone please tell me if I have "mom jeans". I know I have to chinch them up really tight which makes them look really baggy and horrible in the front - but when I have time I'm going to get a different size, it's just I've been wearing these since the day after Conner - and I havent had time.

Is that what it is? It has to be. I'm getting new jeans.

and if that's not what it is . . .

then I'm just not used to people being able to tell that I'm a mom. Just by looking at me. And I'm taking it as a compliment.

Well, I'm trying.


Kelsey Peterson said...

haha I love it! I am so not a "sparkly line conversation" girl either but partly because I am shy a little
I defintely have mom jeans according to your description. But I have mommy dirty marks all over me and I only have one child.
Love your posts because they show such personality
so fun!
I am going to try and do posts like you.

Gallup Family said...

The hardest day for me was when someone called me "Ma'am." When did I become a ma'am...maybe a miss or girl...not a ma'am..not yet! I too am trying to take it as a compliment :)

janet said...

Hey, I am pretty darn sure it was something in your basket (buggy to you dest) that gave you away!! Like the goldfish, or fruitsnacks, or diapers!

Elizabeth said...

i agree with janet.... and i dont think you have "mom jeans" :)

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness! That was your funniest post to date! I doubt you have mom jeans. Maybe dude saw kiddie snacks and stuff in your cart.
It's amazing what a new pair of jeans will do for anyone. (I just hate looking for a pair that fits,especially after having a baby). I am still in between sizes.
Also, a new bra will do wonders for the girls. It always makes me stand straighter and smile more. (Not that I am saying you are sagging and all that jazz). Some dudes are just silly and don't think before they speak.