Monday, May 4, 2009

38 minutes ago . . .

38 minutes ago Eric left us at the airport

He won't be back for a long, long time.

24 minutes ago I carried a sleeping baby in from the car,

Eric's shoes are exactly where he left them by the door,

His pillow still crumpled and slept on,

his wet towel still on the bathroom floor,

the water bottle he drank from this morning still on the kitchen counter,

but my husband is gone.

He left me a piece of his heart, he told me . . . so that hopefully I'll be able to put his shoes back in the closet, make the bed, and wash that dang towel. I miss you already, Soldier, I miss you already.


Destinee said...

That just made me bawl like a baby! We'll be thinking about you guys and keeping you in our prayers! Love ya!

janet said...

DITTO to what Dest said!

Hobley said...

i'm sorry. what a sad day :(
hopefully it goes by fast for you!

All About Amber... Alliteration. HaHa said...

Beck if you need anything just call me! I would love to just hang out if you need some adult company. Love you! 709-2154