Thursday, April 23, 2009

no, there's no long lost 4 year old

Questions are being raised about my long lost four year old. Apparently, I've mentioned him a couple of times. I babysit him on the weekdays. I'll try not to use his name . . . since he's not mine it just doesn't feel right, but I have just the picture to introduce you to him. He's a pretty special little guy.

Meet "C"
definitely one of my favorite little guys

Some of my favorite C-isms:

After finding out his wrist can pop: "I just popped my wrist knuckle!!"

And now everything that can pop is a knuckle: "Can you help me pop my neck knuckle?" (No way, dude, you shouldn't even be doing that.)

C: Can you help me with a puzzle.
Me: I'm working on a project right now, but you get it started and I'll be there as soon as I'm done with what I'm working on.
(2o minutes later and the puzzle finished WITHOUT my help)
C: I want to do that puzzle again, but I need you to help me.
Me: But didn't you just do it all by yourself? I don't think you need help with that one.
C: OH! You mean if I do it by myself one time then I can do it again; I don't need help?
Me: Yep.
C: Oh, man!! That's a good idea!!

Now that he knows the previous -
C: Can you put my socks on me?
Me: No way, dude, you know how to do that yourself.
C: But I didn't do it by myself yet. I can't do it again.

Stinkin' smartie pants. So to answer your questions - No, I do not have a long lost son from four years ago. But I'd claim him most days.

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