Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i need some advice

preferably from someone who once had a very naughty puppy . . . but nothing will be turned away.

Have we posted a lot about the dogs lately? It may be due to all the in-my-face-nip-at-my-toes-trip-me-as-many-times-as-you-can-in-one-hour-ness that comes with having more than one dog. They NEVER stop.

The problem (besides the obvious one) . . .

(click to enlarge if needs be)


How in the heck do I make him stop? I don't remember Sam ever doing that.

I figure I probably have to catch him red handed, right? Then get him in trouble while he's doing it so he's sure to know why he's getting in trouble. Apparently, it's easier said than done. I haven't been at all successful in that venture - whatsoever.

Until this morning, that is. Not only red handed, but trying to escape. I guess I should have done something other than grab my camera - but it made me laugh.

After watching Madagascar with a four year old 3 times since yesterday (and having "I like to move it, move it" stuck in my head and playing over and over again, you know, like the 'song that never ends'), I guess I should just be glad there are no rouge penguins helping him with an air escape. Thank goodness.

Seriously though, does anyone know what you're supposed to do for that??


All About Amber... Alliteration. HaHa said...

I have absolutely no advice... sorry! but the pics of the cute puppy made me laugh! I don't think I would be able to get mad at him. but then again, i'm a total sucker for fuzzy and adorable animals! We need to get together... you're still in idaho falls right? call me! 709-2154

bulldog said...

When you clean up the poop in the backyard put it in the holes he digs. He will eventually get the idea or run out of places to dig.

Find a place you don't care if he digs in. Bury one of his favorite toys or bones. Let him dig it up. Keep doing that until he gets the idea that thats a good place to dig because good things come from there.

Remember he is a dog and dogs like to dig. You may never get him to quit but you can try to limit where.