Tuesday, March 24, 2009

of all the feuds that have stirred bad blood over the years . . .

one still rages on in my house

dog vs. mailman

9:45ish Sam starts growling at the fence gate waiting for our daily intruder. I can just imagine what goes through his peanut sized brain (okay, okay it's probably at least the size of a lime, but I swear it's deflating every day).

"If that guy really thinks he's getting in today, he's got another thing coming. He's so predictable - same time everyday - come on. I mean really - how many times is it going to take?"

10:00 {on the dot} the mailman innocently steps onto the front lawn to deliver the mail. MY mail.

10:00:01 {like clockwork, isn't it?!!} Sam trys to knock over the fence barking ferociously "you wanna piece a me?? you wanna piece a me??"

10:00:02 mail's in the box. Mailman walks away shaking his head, I roll my eyes and tap on the window to get Sam's attention with a death stare.

10:00:03 Proud doggy comes barreling inside to check on the baby. Yes, he's fine. Then to me to tell me all about his brave adventure. How he scared off the intruder who brazenly came onto our front lawn and rattled our mailbox.

10:00:04 I usually pat him on the head because I know he thinks he just did a great thing.

He bravely scares off that intruder who he can't believe would even have the audacity to come back day after day. I suppose that's why he keeps doing it. Because he honestly believes he's the reason that guy leaves the yard so quickly.


quite a different story.

Eric planted grass in the back yard Saturday. Air go, Sam's been staying inside with us all day long. Except when he has to do his business, in that case, he's been going in the front yard. Back to today.

The mailman was delivering two long awaited packages; need it be said that they would not fit in the mailbox?

9:45 Dog must be thrown off by being inside because he's sleeping on his pillow in the laundry room.

10:00 light rat-a-tat-tatting on my front door.

dog beats me to the door

10:02:00 I open the door to the mailman, finally here with my packages!! obviously forgetting about the pooch at my feet ready to bolt.

10:02:01 dog's out the door, hair standing on end, teeth bared, growling like he usually does at 10:00, but usually behind a six-foot fence.

10:02:02 mailman looks at me in horror

10:02:03 "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I really don't think he'll bite you, he's never bitten anyone before . . . "

"It's okay, it happens all the time really." And he walks away.

I call Sam and try to grab him. Sam runs across the street. Barefooted I run over to try and catch him & of course, he runs even farther; and farther; till I can't see him anymore.

10:03 I let him go and secretly hope he doesn't come back. Not really, but I was that mad.

10:07 I decide I better go get him because we're fairly close to a busy road.

10:08 I put both barefooted kids in the car and drive slowly down the road while Carson, who says he doesn't really like Sam, calls for him worriedly out the window, and Braxton looks around wondering what the heck we're doing.

10:09 Sam comes prancing up to the car, I lean across the middle console, open the door and the dumb dog jumps in.

Needless to say, he stayed out on a chain in the front yard mostly the whole day.

The moral of the story??

At the end of the day - no matter how mad I am, I love that dang dog and am so grateful he's around to protect us. Because one day, I'm sure he'll really need to. Or maybe . . . he already has.


Becca said...

Good Dog!!! Isn't that so embarassing and comforting all at the same time?

All About Amber... Alliteration. HaHa said...

Gotta love the ferocious canines. And I have to admit that I'm really not that great. I just try to get through every day. love you!