Thursday, January 8, 2009

my little quarter year old!

. . . please, can we count that?? I know there's half birthdays, but can I break it down even further? Quarters. I really, really can't believe I have a quarter year old; and I'm starting to worry about multiple personalities. Not really, but seriously, are you happy or sad? hungry or full? tired or not? you want up or down? he's changing so fast I really can't keep up. I love you little man, but make up your little mind!!


Just kidding - this was actually his 1st Christmas

We had an AWESOME Christmas and I'm so glad Braxton was here to share it with us. We stole a reindeer ornament idea from my sister-in-law to make his first ornament; it was fun & messy!!

As for 2008. So long, we'll miss you. We had some good times together. It was actually a pretty big year for us. We welcomed Braxton, bought a house, Eric joined the National Guard, bought a tank of gas for $63, bought a tank of gas for $19, learned how to make Thai food, started a blog, started using recyclable grocery bags, played racquetball for the very first time, I could go on; all in all we had a blast and plan to do it again this year. WELCOME 2009!!


Gallup Family said...

Okay, Beckii, I'm totally curious about the "3 guys and a gal" title. Are you counting Braxton's multiple personalities? :) Cute post.

Frankly Mary said...

Hey Beckii! You DID have a packed 2008...a lot going on!

janet said...

That picture of Braxton is the funniest thing!! What a cute little guy!

Destinee said...

Cute pics! Love the hair, little man!