Wednesday, June 8, 2011

to all 3 of our followers

we've been private and back again. and darn it - we just can't make up our minds . . .

Go ahead and keep this blog as the one that updates on your feed so you'll know when we post (about 6 days out of the entire year;), but when you get here, there'll be a link to our new private blog. If we already had you added to our previous list of privateers, there's no need to give us your email again, we've already added you to the new one. But if you've started reading since then, go ahead and leave your email in the comments.

thanks for reading,

Eric and Beckii

1 comment:

Kelsey Peterson said...

so you don't have two blogs right just the one you posted the link to, correct. I mean even if I don't comment that often I want to be sure to be able to read ;) (does that make me sound like a creeper?)