Monday, October 4, 2010

terrific twos, here we come

we have somewhat of a habit of looking at our glasses half full around here :)
the first two days of "twodom" (yes, it's now a word) really have been terrific.
here's to 363 more days of terrificness (also a word)


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Braxton. We love you!

janet said...

The 2's will be terrific with your attitude. love the pics of the birthday boy!!

Destinee said...

Happy Birthday little man!
He is seriously so cute! The cupcakes and banner are adorable Beckii! It was so fun to see an update! Miss you guys! (That's a lot of !!!)

Gallup Family said...

Happy Birthday Braxton!!! He looks so grown up! Anna got a birthday card from Idaho Public television yesterday and the kids were looking at it, she grabbed it and yelled, "My birfday!" She's ready to be 2 :)

Kelsey Peterson said...

he is pretty adorable. Love the decor as well. God job!
hope when we get to twos, they are just as terrific haha