Friday, October 29, 2010

in the news

It's been pretty cold this week. Frost on the windshield, see your breath in the morning, had to make warmer pj's for the kiddos (thanks grandma:) kind of cold. Brrrr . . . we've been cooped up. And in definite need of some indoor projects to keep us sane. Me, at least.

So I turned a couple of dresses that haven't fit me since before the babies came into VERY stretchy elastic skirts. Aaahhh . . . that's better!

It was super easy. I just cut them off right at the waist. One of them I just folded right over and sewed some elastic into the top - the other one I wanted a little longer, so I added a little fabric to the top and then did the waistband thing. Much better.

As for the kids - well, Conner stays pretty busy trying to learn how to walk before he's really even crawled and Braxton's been doing quite a few projects from here and here. Thank goodness I found those. LIFESAVER.

In other good news, we're hopefully going to get an updated family picture tomorrow :) We've been in our house for over two years now and can you believe I still don't have ANY pictures hanging? Shame. But we did get these ones, thank goodness. Because man alive, these guys are growing fast.


Gallup Family said...

I would never in a million years have recognized Conner!!! He's completely changed! Can't wait to see you guys in about 3 weeks...Yay!

Caroline said...

WHat bug boys you have. I love your sewing projects. You are staying busy!!!

Kelsey Peterson said...

Hope you are still doing good because you haven't posted in a bit...just thought I would let you know I am thinking about you!