Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breathing Out

I've never felt so many emotions, so close together in my entire life. My body feels overwhelmingly over-stimulated. As if I have been breathing in, and in, and in and never exhaling. It's a weird feeling.

The bottom line?
Heavenly Father loves me. He loves my family. And of all the other people in this ICU and in ICU's around the world, He noticed.
I'm not sure how He does it - but He does. And He noticed each of us.
He knows the 86 year old man in the room next door who was hit by a car and now lays in his bed with a traumatic brain ingury.
He knows the high school girl who's life was suddenly taken on her way to Seminary graduation.
He knows the 13 year old girl in the waiting room who's father broke his neck and is not expected to live much longer.
And he knows me.

And for those of us who let him, he wraps his big arms around us. Letting us know that no matter what happens, we will always have Him; that our family will last past this life; and that we can get through anything with His help.

And He loves us.

I feel blessed that my husband will get out of his bed and walk out of here.

But - even if he didn't - like that little girl's daddy probably won't - He's still there. And He'd help me get through anything, even (heaven forbid) that.

Thanks mom - for teaching me about Him.

Thanks family and friends - for believing in Him and having enough faith that Eric would be healed. Because he was. And I can count that as one of the greatest blessings of my entire life.

And in private, I thank my Heaveny Father. He never left us.

He healed us.


Destinee said...

Great post Beckii. Made me bawl-
I'm so thankful that Eric will be okay! What a sacary experience. It is s amazing to feel the love of our Father though and to know He is with us.
love you all!

Kathy said...

I love you guys!
Thank you for sharing such a powerful testimony with us.
He lives!