Monday, March 15, 2010

super mom today. tomorrow, we'll see.

It all started when I forgot I was cleaning out the toilet. It's something I do with a lot of things; not just the toilet. Forget I was doing it and end up having to do it over. Like the laundry. I cant tell you how many times I've put a load in the wash, forgot about it, and had to rewash in the morning because I left them in overnight (or over two nights).

This time it was the toilet. Braxton fell from a chair in his room so I ran in there in the middle of cleaning the toilet. Well, at the beginning of cleaning the toilet. No scrubbing had occured at this time - just squirted the blue stuff under the rim. Anyway - one thing led to another and next thing you know we're sitting on the floor reading every book on the shelf. That went on for quite a while. Then I layed him down for a nap and picked up a book I had been wanting to finish.

Four hours later . . .

I had to pee. Got in to the bathroom and . . . (I think your going to be expecting a bigger finish to this story than it really is. Sorry. Just realized as I'm typing that I'm hyping this up for no particular reason . . . ) and the bowl was absolutely clean. No scrubbing involved. How come no one ever told me that you didnt have to scrub if you left the cleaner in the bowl long enough?

I really, really hate cleaning. Really.

I decided to try an experiment.

We have a jetted tub. That I used to be really excited about. Until I had to clean it. It has several jets that are really a pain to clean. And I know this is gross, but I hate cleaning so much - that it only gets cleaned maybe once every two months. In that amount of time, the jets start getting orange/rust colored from all the water that ends up just sitting in them. (I know, I know. My poor family.) But don't worry, thats going to change because my experiment worked.

Since the toilet bowl cleaner worked so well on the toilet with NO scrubbing involved, I decided to squirt some of that stuff into the jets and let it sit for a while and see what that did. It worked like a charm, although there was a small amount of scrubbing involved - just to get the cleaner out of the jets.

Now I'm using that stuff all over the place. Kinda wierd, maybe? But it really works well. My house is looking pretty clean so far (albeit slighty smelly from all the bleach).

Man, I feel like super mom today. The kids were dressed before noon AND the tub is clean :)

Do you have any other cleaning secrets I should know about?


Caroline said...

Mr.Cleans magic eraser. It clean crayons off walls and grease on the stove top. :)

Kelsey Peterson said...

You are lucky because I have had the same scenario of leaving the cleaner in my toilet but it didn't clean it. I just had streaks of blue in my toilet. You have an amazing toilet.
Oh and don't worry I have totally done the laundry thing. And I only have one little child. I can't imagine what will happen when I have more.
You are a super mom.

Kathy said...

No cleaning secrets, but be careful with the toilet bowl cleaner it eats some surfaces.