Friday, March 26, 2010

another experiment

I bought some seeds. And a tiny portable greenhouse. Because I spent WAY too much on flowers and vegetables {and then they died, dangit} last year and this year I thought we could get a headstart by starting them inside.

They've been sitting by a big, beautiful window-full of sun for the last two weeks. They're turning out to be cute, perfect little things.
They've made me contemplate them for a little while, as I've watched them grow.
Some instructions from the greenhouse box: 'plants will not be ready to go outside till roots are strong.'
I'm starting to see a correlation between these and my other little bean sprouts:

also tiny and perfect. also lots of work. also need strong roots before they go out on their own.
I'm doing my best with that.
Thank you, little seedlings, for reminding me.


janet said...

beep beep! is that what Braxton was doing with Conner's nose? cute boys. your plants are coming right along. hopefully it will be warm enough outside before they are huge. You are doing a great job nuturing the last 2 sprouts!

Colton & Mindy Boyce said...

Wow your plants are growing really well. What are you planting? By the way your boys are way cute:)

Elizabeth said...

Cute!!! it looks like braxton was pickin' Conner's nose:0!!! hehehehe!;)

Kelsey Peterson said...

Cute and way true! That is a good correlation. Makes you happy to be a mom. I hope your garden turns out good. Lance and I planted peas in our little dirt spot. I LOVE peas! I thought about doing beans but Lance doesn't like them. Your boys are so cute and Braxton is getting big fast!

jonathan and jaime said...

I love this pictures!!!
We miss you guys a ton.

Destinee said...

So true. And wow, did conference emphasize that point or what this weekend!
I'm sure you are doing a great job! You are so wonderful with children!