Saturday, January 30, 2010

cooped up.

thats how i'm feeling as of late.
a little cooped up.
okay. a lot cooped up.
and dreaming of starting my next project.

will you humor me for now? and let me share a few oldies that I've been meaning to post since we finished them. thanks. that should hold me over till this fridgid cold weather goes away. and conner gets big enough to go out somewhere.
patchwork curtains.
I needed them to block out the beautiful sunlight that keeps Duder up during naptime. And I needed them cheap. I got the fabrics on sale at JoAnns and a black sheet for the "blackout" backing for $4. The rod? A big stick I found in the river. Free. (Although, I am thinking about painting the stick.)

Braxton's Christmas Present

started out as this idea. which cost an arm and a leg. neither of which we had left.

so I went to work on this. (really bad picture - but you get the idea)

then got really lucky and found this. at the DI for $10.

then got even luckier when Eric agreed to help me with the saw.

and we were able to turn it into this.

I've got one more coming, too, but haven't gottten pictures yet. Stay tuned.


Caroline said...

Love the projects. You should paint the stick white.

The tool bench is definitey way better than anything you can buy!

Elizabeth said...

i thot that the pictures was awesome!!!!

Kelsey Peterson said...

You are an extremely crafty person! I am jealous. Not only do you have creative ideas but you have the gusto and the determination to follow through with them! Fun Fun!

Amber said...

I can't believe you made that work bench! That's insane! Wish I was the crafty. lol. When you are able to go out and about we should do lunch.. bring both you little guys. I want to meet Connor! Hope you are doing good. So happy for you guys. love ya!

Destinee said...

The curtains and the workbench turned out AMAZING! Love them both. I'm feeling super cooped up too. But I haven't used my time nearly as productively as you.
And I can't believe how big Braxton is.
Miss you guys!

janet said...

so glad you posted a new picture of Braxton. I am really missing him...geez 4 days i haven't seen the little feller! I will have to come give him and conner some hugs!
anytime (well okay, not anytime now cus i am back to work) but if you want to go walk the mile on my days off I am ready!!

Jared&Jasmine said...

Ahhh! I need you to help me decorate my new house!!