Thursday, December 10, 2009

when 12 months turns to 14

at 12 months old, a crawling child [namely, my child] can reach:

the bottom shelf on every piece of furniture. (replaced by baskets of toys)
everything in all of the base cabinets (bowls, pans, food storage, etc).
the dog food.
the dog water.
the fruit and vegetable drawer in the fridge.
the bottom "phone book/coupon" drawer (finally got a lock for that).
the tampons underneath the bathroom sink (finally got a lock on that).
the list goes on.

at 14 months, a walking child [namely, my child] can reach:

this toothbrush. (couldn't tell you exactly where he got it, but I could tell you exactly what its been used on . . . yuck)

this can of paint. that i used today on his Christmas present. talked to poison control for about ten minutes. yes, he swallowed some. oh, boy.

this chalk. he took a bite out of it. do i need to call poison control for that?
(oh . . . and the markers in the picture behind him)

and thats only today's list.
i'm sure it goes on.
only this one goes on one item at a time. we'll be dicovering new ones everyday.
looks like everything is going to have to be moved up one more shelf. or one more story.


Caroline said...

I just laughed throughout that entire post. Craziness. I will be there in another or so. Uh oh.
You should email your address and your mom's so I can send Christmas cards and stuff. (Email

Kathy said...

This is funny, and not. I remember when Shawn and Skyler were still in very little, almost 2 and 3 maybe, I walked into their bedroom one afternoon to discover the other female items with the sticky cover pulled off and an entire box of them stuck all over their wall. They were pretty proud of themselves.

Elizabeth said...

Paint huh? well he looks fine... on the toothbrush eeewwww! now chalk that's not as bad but it's pretty FUNNY!

Amber said...

Haha! Oh beckii the joys of being a mom. Love that little man. Just wait til you have to divide your time between TWO of them! I'm more than willing to help out! Love ya