Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a few words i hope you never hear

and i quote

". . . it's time for me to go to scouts. You might want to keep an eye on that room in case it goes up in flames or something."

I've been dying to put up some of these in the boys' room. We finally got around to it today.

One of the screws hit an electrical cord behind the wall and thus, left a couple places without power. Oh boy.


Amber said...

Hey beck.. have I told you lately how much I miss hangin out with you? You're busy now that Eric is home and you have a second kid on the way (give Braxton loves for me!), but I think we should get together. Do a girls night or something before you become so busy you forget my name... lol. Love the bookcases! but I'm kinda book nerd. lol. Love you and hope you are doing fantastic!

Caroline said...

I am loving those shelves. I am super jealous! I agree, I would hate to hear that phrase.
I hope you are feeling well!

Destinee said...

Love the book shelves. We're planning on doing some like that down in the playroom we're finishing!

Hobley's said...

first off thanks for inviting me to the blog! second off, your little guys are so cute and you look great!! and lastly, PAALLEASE teach me how to make this cute little book shelf. i LOVE it.my e-mail address is hobley.rachael@gmail.com if you get some time, i would love to hear how you did it!