Friday, September 25, 2009

i've read this book. hundreds of times.

it says he'll be two before he throws anything in the toilet.

Robert Munsch led me astray.

two weeks from one year old.

thats how old my son is.

NOT 2.

the bad news . . . a wii remote will not survive even one small dip in the toilet. take my word for it.

the good news . . . we get to do it all over again when BABY BOY #2 is born. YAY!


Gallup Family said...

Just FYI, they sell toilet seat locks at Home Depot :) So far Anna is fascinated with the toilet but prefers to throw things in the bathtub. We've found Luke's shoes, books, and a can of mandarin oranges in there!

Amber said...

YAY for baby boys! I'm so happy/excited for you beck! Love ya!

T said...

Congratulations – So nice for Braxton to have a Boy Guy – Brother.

Jared&Jasmine said...


Caroline said...

Some moms are only able to have boys. That's you and me. :) Boys are fun. I love them. Congrats!

Destinee said...

Bummer about the wii remote. Yay about baby boy #2!!

Elizabeth said...

What? i still wanna make mario!
i know1 we can make him now for next year!!!

bulldog said...

OH MY good luck... Two boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!