Friday, December 12, 2008

Not so much for the benefit of you. . .

It's funny, all the sentiment about kids, I mean, on the blogs lately. I've started to wonder if there was something in the water, then I remembered how far away we all are from each other and decided maybe it's just the time of year. Hopefully it's neither; hopefully we're all just figuring it out.
Anyways, I read a quote the other day that stopped my whole day for about two minutes while I thought about it - "Some things are very important, and some things are very unimportant . . . to know the difference is what we are given life to find out." (I think I might vinyl letter that right on to my bare bedroom wall.) I LOVE IT (and I'm glad we have a lifetime to do it in)!! Since then, I too, have been trying to forget about all of the super-busy-take-all-of-your-time-ever-so-stressful-make-your-hair-go-gray-faster-than-it-should {unimportant} things and focus on real-make-you-smile-keep-you-young-wish-this-would-last-forever {important} things that just make life so much better. Because in the words of Mr. Rogers, "That is what eternity is made of . . . invisible, imperishable good stuff."
So, Braxton, this is really for you, buddy. Not so much for the benefit of you (or any of you), but for me, because your mom NEVER wants to forget . . .

. . . the way your hair always sticks up after five minutes, no matter what ridiculous amounts of mousse I put in it.

The way you always wake up smiling and can stay that way for so long.

Your BIG blue eyes.

How you hold onto my hair while you're eating.

How you can stare at the fan for hours and hours.

How you push your binky out of your mouth and get your little thumb in there, no matter how many times I take it back out and insist that you do not suck your thumb.

How you can sit upright against a pillow and talk to your dad and me for at least an hour. Don't have any real clue what your saying, but it's definitely more important than most of the conversations I ever have with anyone else.

How you can sneeze four times right in a row.

How much you love bathtime.

How you arch your little back and stretch your arms waaay up.

How immediately attentive you are when you hear your dads voice.

and a million other little things you do everyday that make my life feel worth living. I love you son.


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Destinee said...

I LOVE this post Beckii! Totally brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to meet this little man in real life!