Monday, November 3, 2008

Check out this little monster . . .

First of all, please excuse all the mess on the blog - it will get better soon, hopefully!! I've been learning how to create some pretty cool new things!! It's like a whole new world of scrapbooking; it's so much fun.

But, for the real post - Halloween was so much fun! Family tradition has been passed on to the new generation! My family does reverse trick-or-treating (some kind of activity invented by my trick-or-treat-hating mother; however I've always thought it was much much more fun. THANKS MOM!). See, trick-or-treating involves 1. waiting on doorsteps 2. taking treats and 3. walking away.

Mom's idea of a wholesome Halloween activity includes anything we can do that would be exactly the opposite of what is normally expected. so, 1. not waiting 2. not taking treats and 3. not walking. Instead, she invented "ghosting". 1. knock on the door 2. drop a plate full of treats 3. RUN LIKE THE WIND!

Enjoy the pictures - there's probably way to many of them!


. . . AND HE REALLY WAS! Every time we put that hood on him!

The mummy costume I helped my brother with

The drivers

The runners


Gallup Family said...

My family use to do something like this the whole month of October and we usually do it too except this month was a bit off. We call it "Spooking" and you drop off a plate of goodies along with a letter and a picture of a ghost. The person is then suppose to "spook" two other families and hang the picture in their window so everyone knows they've already been "spooked." It's always been a blast!

Lancaster's said...

LOVE the little monster!! CUTE! Sounds like great fun for Halloween!

Destinee said...

Very fun! I love your little monster! He's the cutest! And I love the new look of your blog! So cute! And you look amazing, Beckii! You too, Eric!

Jessica said...

Beckii! My mom told me you had a blog! And I am so glad I found it! Your family is so cute! And your baby boy is so handsome and adorable! And what a cute costume! We also have a blog, if you want to check it out it is:! I hope all is going well!!!

Jessica (Gallup) Peterson