Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anyone who ever lived with Eric besides me recognize this can??

Just realized this morning that Eric has had the same can of shaving cream since we've been married! Not that he can't grow a good beard or anything ;), but seriously!! After a little prodding the truth really came out. He bought that can in Junior High for a shaving cream fight with some friends. Good thing those don't have an expiration date!


Mike said...

No worries Eric talk to Shawn. But that's funny I bought cans of shaving cream last year and never used them!

Anonymous said...

Hey bro,
That can is one from the same batch that we got a long time ago to pull pranks on our friends when they came to sleep over. That's awesome. Peace out

Hobley said...

beckii! your baby is so cute! looks like you guys are doing good!! glad you found my blog too!! it's good to see what everyone is up to.