Saturday, October 25, 2008

I love egg nog! It's my favorite treat during the holidays. I got a little holiday happy today while Eric was hunting and decided to make pumpkin cookies and have some egg nog. YUM!!

Braxton was even happy to help (or watch?!)

. . . however, when I went to get the egg nog out of the fridge, it was no where to be found. I was FURIOUS. I knew I had bought some when I went grocery shopping last night and figured I must have left it at the checkout or something. A little disappointed, I finally made my peace with the situation and ate a couple of cookies. A little later I opened up the cupboard to find something (can't even remember what it was now?) and guess what I found . . .

THE EGG NOG!! I can only think of a few times that I have been madder!! Needless to say I ate a couple more cookies (depression or something!). The egg nog is ruined and I had to make peace AGAIN! Is this what motherhood does to you?


Gallup Family said...

Get use to many more times of feeling this frustration. There will also be times when you'll get mad at the kids for something that it turns out you did. But if you can make peace with it now, knowing that it will happen again, it gets a little easier :) Good luck.

Kathy said...


Destinee said...

This post is so funny on so many levels -other than the fact that you didn't get your eggnog. I scrolled down before I read cause I wanted to make sure and start at the beginning (since the top said Egg Nog part 2).
So, I saw the egg nog in the cupboard and thought "that's interesting- I thought it had to be refrigerated". Then I read it. And thought Eric must have been unloading. No offense "EGG". Then when I had read that Beckii had done it and was using her mama brain I laughed again. Then I read part 2. And I totally busted up. (That was sweet of you to fess up Eric.) And I'm sorry your egg nog was ruined but at least you found it before it started stinking! And your mama brain wasn't the cause! And man, if I could reach through the screen I would totally dive into those cookies! THey look fantastic! I'm licking my lips!
Congrats on the deer. (or elk. Can't remember)